5 Great Beaches in Cuba

Published: 22nd September 2009
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A holiday in Cuba is never complete without a visit to the beautiful beaches that are part of the Cuban coastline. Being located in the Caribbean region, the Cuban beaches offer a great climate in addition to plenty of watersports opportunities and lovely sandy beaches. Listed below are five of the best beaches in Cuba.

1. Cayo Santa Maria - Seven miles of breathtaking shoreline awaits you at this picturesque beach in north-east Cuba. Horticulturalists and nature lovers will enjoy looking at the 248 species of plant life in the vicinity. The Cayo Santa Maria beach area is a stretch of soft sand alongside a turquoise sea and the region is rich with marine life and birds. Tourists will enjoy walking along the beach and exploring the reefs.

2. Varadero Beach - This beach is one of Cuba's most popular beaches on account of its twenty uninterrupted kilometres of beach. The Varadero Beach boasts shallow waters in some areas that are perfect for children to play in, while its deeper waters areas are great diving destinations that offer dolphin watching possibilities. Water sports youc an try here include scuba diving, snorkelling and jet skiing, if you feel adventurous.

3. Playa Ancon - Easily one of Cuba's most beautiful beaches, Playa Ancon has the advantage of being very close to Trinidad, which is an ideal place to visit for Caribbean food and culture after a day of diving and sun-bathing at the Playa Ancon. This is one of the places also where you often see fewer tourists compared to a beach such as Varadero Beach.

4. Cayo Coco - Home to the second most important coral reef in the world, the beach of Cayo Coco is a haven for divers and tourists with an interest in marine life. Bird watchers will enjoy a trip here as Cayo Coco is also the habitat for over 30,000 pink flamingos and other kinds of birds. A favourite beach for many people, the nature aspect of this beach is a real attraction for many people.

5. Guardalavaca - This is one of Cuba's most scenic resort areas and is home to turquoise waters and soft sands. Guardalavaca is also every archaeologists dream come true, as artefacts from pre-Columbian Cuba abound in the area. Tourists are sure to love the unexpected beach coves that they discover during their exploration of Guardalavaca. If you choose only one beach the maybe Guardalavaca is the one you might want to choose.

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